Our activities in 2016/2017: Chorti, Dicti & Co

Our first 6legs activity is dedicated to the grasshoppers found in the cross-border biosphere reservation "Palatinate Forest North Vosges".

In 2017 we'd like to portray the 40 indigene species of grasshoppers. Descriptions will be published in German, French, and English.


Each illustration is available as a framed print for 10 Euro. With your purchase you will be sponsoring our project.

Portrait 1: The gentle

Speckled Bush-Cricket (Leptophyes punctatissima)

The german name of this species can be translated to „gentle“- or „tender“-cricket. This reflects the long-horn grasshoppers filigree. More...

Portrait 2: The clicker


Large marsh grasshopper
Stetophyma grossum (Linnaeus, 1758)

The wonderful world of grasshoppers can be divided into two categories: long-horn grasshoppers and short-horn grasshoppers. As the name indicates, the horns of the short-horn grasshoppers are shorter and those of the long-horn grasshoppers are longer than their bodies. More...

Portrait 3: The one-of-a-kind

Soon to come...